About Us

At Bermuda Parties, we’re always looking for fresh, new, inventive products and trends, so you can be the first on your block (or beach) to do something truly unique! We have every kind of place setting to suit your special event whether you want Tuscan tangerine, Wedgwood or enamel ware. We can help you set the mood with an Indian Sari, or the purest white linen. We know what every party demands, and can offer you countless options in stemware and flatware and have every size and shape of table as well. When it comes to seating, of course, it’s all about comfort, but looks count too.

At Bermuda Parties, we really listen, taking the time to find out exactly what your vision is. Our creativity, attention to detail and caring service insure that every aspect of our design reflects your distinctive personality. So come sit with us, and we’ll make sure every aspect of your event is perfect.

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